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About us

Avantus is a step forward for technology solution providers. Our philosophy is to revolutionise how people use technology in the workplace. Familiarity is no longer good enough, so every aspect of the Avantus Business Solutions group is built to be truly user-centric.
But we don’t believe that ‘new tech is good tech’. Good technology solution providers should be designing software that not only looks good, but is also efficient.
For us, technology is an enabler. It should be as easy to use as picking up a pencil and paper.  Our technology is modular, flexible, and designed around the requirements of the most important person in the room: the user.
At Avantus, our focus is the people using our technology. So it needs to be fit for purpose, simple to use and efficient.
We manage our clients the same way we structure our technology. In a bespoke, inspiring way that provides excellent value and real results. Because we understand that people and projects are unique with individual requirements.
And with thousands of clients in the UK and around the globe, we appreciate the nuances each person and project. Our growing suite of specialised consultancies is managed by a team who are experts in their respective fields.

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