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21st Century Employee Engagement

Developments in technology, information and libertarian values are empowering modern workers to prefer to operate self-responsibly in broad networks rather than micromanaged vertical lines. It’s out with the old traditional hierarchies of institutional seniority and in with the new social collaboration where everyone has a valued voice. This inevitable new paradigm will need to be reflected by employers, which presents an opportunity for benefit consultants that have strong influence with the companies.

Rather than just comment on the changing habits and methods as an observer, our mothership team at Fair Care has gone deeper and analysed the true meaning of employee engagement in the new world and identified what you can do to work with it to best effect.

The aim is to understand Millennial employees as human beings (after all, they will be the majority workforce before too long) and correlate that to their position in the workplace, contributing to both their personal lives and the success of the companies they work with. The three stakeholders in this relationship – Consultant, Employer and Employee – each have a crucial part to play in creating a symbiotic virtuous circle. The good news is that it can actually be quite simple, now that the appropriate understanding and technologies are available.

Us oldies have a great opportunity to be a successful part of this inevitable future, so let’s ensure we’re ready for the change.