About Us

Avantus is a step forward for technology solution providers.  Absolutely every aspect of the Avantus proposition is built around the philosophy that to offer people something they are used to, just because it's been seen as acceptable in the past, is simply not good enough.

For many years technology has been seen as an end in itself.  There has been this notion that 'new tech is good tech'. That developers and coders have some mystical skill and should be the ones defining how things work.  The end result has been solutions and systems that are designed in such a way that they might be clever coding, but they have also been tedious to use and confusing.  

For us, technology is just an enabler: it should be as easy to use as picking up a pencil and paper.  Our technology is modular, flexible, and designed around the requirements of the most important person in the room - the user.     

At Avantus it's not just about good technology that really works, it's about people too.  We manage our clients the same way we structure our technology - in a bespoke, inspiring way that provides excellent value and real results. 

We have thousands of clients around the UK and internationally.  We work with them via a growing suite of specialised consultancies, each of which is managed by a team who are experts in their field.