Avantus Systems builds user-centric financial services software

The demand for financial services software continues to grow, as the need to modernise progresses. The scope to improve efficiencies within this sophisticated sector is enormous. Organisations need smart, user-centric systems that allow them to undertake digital transformation projects. And it needs to happen in a secure and seamless way.
Enter: Avantus Systems, a user-centric financial services software. A platform that is a powerful, flexible and modular tool. Not only is it adaptable, it boosts efficiency and productivity.
Our expert consultants take the time to understand each clients unique requirements. Thus ensuring that integration into their technology stack makes perfect sense for that business. Not only this, but it boasts outrageous increases in efficiency and productivity.
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Module HR management software platform
MyWorkPal, Avantus Systems

MyWorkPal: The most configurable Employee Benefits software platform out there.

At Avantus Systems, we know each of your clients’ companies is unique, so MyWorkPal reflects both your business strategy and approach. It’s simple, transparent and relevant, resulting in faster adoption, better reporting and overall easier lives for both employees and your clients.

  • Fast setup and new technology
  • Scalable from micro to large enterprises
  • Accurate automated reporting and integration
  • Employee engagement with intelligent self service
  • Customer relationships are critical to what we do

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